Learning Online Slots Odds

Online slots games are governed by random number generators. These RNGs create hundreds of random numbers per second, that determine the spin of the reels and which symbols they will display when they stop.

So each spin is truly unique, and theoretically two big jackpots can come up in a row just as easily as 30 consecutive spins can yield no prize at all. No matter what anyone else tells you, there is no ‘pattern’ to the spins for you to work out; no sure-fire signs that a game is ‘hot’ or ‘cold’.

Therefore, the basic advice to follow when playing slots is: trust your luck. Pick a game or a machine that you can play on for some time within a set budget, to give your luck some time to kick in, but if you hit a jackpot that exceeds what you have wagered so far, you’re ahead of the game. Consider scooping up your winnings and taking a break straight away, or you could easily give them all back.

Difference Between Online Slots Odds and House Edge

The basic slots odds are easy to calculate. If a game has five reels and 10 possible symbols, the number of symbol combinations possible on any payline are 10 X 10 X 10 X 10 X10 = 100,000. So odds of scoring any specific combination are 99,999-1 against.

However, only a few dozen of those combinations win prizes; the vast majority are losers. In addition, many games have more than 10 symbols in play, which increases the online casino games odds against any specific combination coming up even more.

A better way of picking a slots game is to check the house edge. This is normally displayed on the machine in land-based operations, and can be found in the game information in online casinos. The house edge refers to the percentage of a player’s wager that the casino wins, on average.

In slots, the house edge can be as low as 1% or 2%; meaning for every $100 that the player wagers, they are likely to win $99 or $98 back. However, if you play slots online, a more common house edge would be around 7%, but it can be as high as 15-17%.

There are even reports of certain casinos where the house edge in slots is higher than 20%, and our advice would be to avoid them. Instead, find a slot that returns 93% or more of all bets to the players, with a theme that you enjoy, and then consider your budget.

Budgeting and Game Settings for Best Results

Your object when playing slots is to continue long enough to win a prize big enough to put you ahead of the game. That means winning more than the house edge predicts, and hopefully winning more than you started with too. Working with online casino games odds may not be the best way to determine your winning chances in slots, instead smart bankroll management, an understanding of the house edge and of the RTP will be far more useful.

To do this effectively, you need to play a game you can afford. However, most games also give you better slots odds if you play the maximum number of paylines, with the maximum credits per line. This is particularly important in games with progressive jackpots, as the top prize can usually be won only by a maximum-credit bet.

However, many games also allow you to adjust the value of each credit, so that you can still play all paylines at maximum credits, for a lower total price per spin. This can make the game affordable enough to play for longer, increasing your shot at a big win.