How Do Pokies Lines Work?

Pokies have been a part of New Zealand culture for decades, and few other countries have the same amount of passionate and enthusiastic pokies lovers. Online pokies have always been machines of incredible simplicity, and it is this simplicity that has allowed it to retain its far-reaching popularity around New Zealand and the world for the past century.

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When you look at typical online pokies, you may notice that there are some elements that all of them share. Each one of these elements make pokies what they are, and each one has a different role to play in both giving players the chance at winning money while also providing a certain entertainment factor. Paylines are one of these elements, and may be one of the most misunderstood parts of online pokies to new players. To understand what role a payline plays, the first step is to understand how online pokies work.

How Pokies Function

The pokie is a rather simple machine, and all of them have a certain amount of parts that work together during each round. The first and most noticeable are the symbols, which are often made up of different pictures or animations, depending on the theme of the pokie in question. Behind the symbols are the reels, that spin when you pull the lever or hit the spin button.

Once the reels have come to a stop, the symbols that land at random are used to calculate whether you have won anything or if the round was unsuccessful. If there are winning combinations across the reels, this is where the paylines come in.

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How do Pokies Paylines Work?

In essence, paylines are how you make your money when you have the right symbol combinations on the reels at the end of a spin. The player often gets to choose how many paylines are active for each game, and the more paylines active, the better the chances of landing a successful combination. On the other hand, the less paylines you have active, the more you will need to pay for each round in terms of the bet.

More often, the way the payline works it determined by the machine, but for the most part, paylines come in two ways. The first is a straight payline, which means that the payline only calculates any winnings in a straight line, and that that the symbols need to be in a certain, straight order for the payline to be able to recognise set combinations.

The second type of payline is the zigzag payline, and this is the one most commonly found in online pokies. Here, the payline can recognise winning symbol combinations in a number of different placements, and is not limited to one straight line. This means that you can have a symbol combination going from the top left to the bottom right and it can pay out, which is determined by the rules of the paylines and what you have selected.

Getting to Grip with Pokie Machines

One of the most important factors for any pokie enthusiast is learning the ins and outs of your favourite game. The more you know, the more you will be able to find the types of betting options that work best for you. This also means that if you do win, you will earn winnings that best reflect what you consider successful.