What Casino Games Give Players The Edge

Visiting a casino is quite a unique experience. A large building, usually brightly decorated invites you inside, and you quickly realise that the inside is like stepping into a completely new dimension. This is especially true among New Zealand casinos, where many look like modern hotels or malls on the outside, but something from an 80s spaceship on the inside. Bright lights, relaxing music, state-of-the-art technology and, of course, many different bars to choose from.

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Casinos, then, are obviously not doing too badly in terms of funds, but have you ever wondered how casinos in New Zealand make their money? It’s called the house edge, and it’s essentially the percentage of money that gets paid to the casino whenever you enjoy one of their games. The percentage varies from game to game, but invariably, the casino winds up making plenty of money from its visitors. This makes the house edge the bane of many players, and some games are designed to give the casino a higher edge, meaning better returns.

Despite this, some games tend to have a much lower house edge, and are the kinds of games that you will want to seek out, because a lower house edge means a better player edge, meaning that you have a better chance at some real winnings.


Roulette is unique on the casino floor for a number of reasons. Its one-of-a-kind table and wheel set it apart from all the other games, but also the fact that there are just so many bets available for players to choose from. This makes it impossible for the casino to set their odds for every single type of bet that the roulette table offers, meaning that they usually focus on the bets that players are most likely to be interested in, usually the simple ones. More complicated bets tend to have better odds and a lower house edge.

Three Card poker

A fast form of poker when compared to other types, three card poker has gained popularity in recent years due to its speed and ease of learning. As it’s relatively new compared to other games, it also has had much less attention from casinos, which usually equates in a lower house edge of around 1.5%. Three card poker is worth looking in to if you want to enjoy a card game while maintaining a natural edge for yourself.

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Despite being among the most popular casino games ever, blackjack still maintains a surprisingly low house edge, although this can depend on the casino itself. If the casino offers blackjack with just one deck of cards, then the house edge will remain low, and better the chances of the player winnings. This does not apply if there is more than one deck of cards in play, which is often the case with most casinos now days.


Yes, the king of casino games still has some of the best house edge percentages the industry has to offer. This is often due to the volumes of people that play slots, but it does not take away from the fact that the player still has the edge when it comes to almost all slot games.

Finding a game that has a better player edge does not have to be difficult, and can mean you walking into a casino with a much higher chance of winning real money.